Brand Adjustment – Name Change Announcement

Hello Family, Friends, Subbies, Business Partners and Fellow Wanderlusting Foodies,

I am so excited to announce my brand’s name change from Soul Epicure to Wanderlusting Foodie.  As some of you know, I began my blog in 2008 using the name Southern Epicure which was later changed to Soul Epicure because my content was more than just about southern food.  This newest and, hopefully final, name change from Soul Epicure to Wanderlusting Foodie is mainly because I wanted to take over the world a broader term that succinctly described what my brand is about.  Made official as of May 1, 2017, this name change came about for several different reasons, so let’s chat about them.

Wanderlusting Foodie

As aforementioned, to really drive home what my brand is about, I wanted to take over the world a name that would immediately tell my readers, followers, subscribers and friends what it is that I do, which is look at sights and eat, so nothing.  I have major depression when I can’t travel wanderlust and am a foodie to the core, so Wanderlusting Foodie made sense in my own mind.  Simple, right?

The next is for silly cosmetic reasons, really.  I am a cute and funny soulful epicurean, but I had to Google Epicure several times that is not the easiest thing to understand at first glance and I don’t want people to have to ponder the meaning of my brand.  I wanted something simple, easy to understand and straightforward.  No questions asked with the new name because you guys ‘get it’ from the moment you see it.  I love simple names like that and figured I should change my brand to an easier to ‘get’ name because who feels like thinking all the time.  It’s as simple as that and “presto change-o”, my name is different on all social media.

Thanks for riding this ride with me even when it’s bumpy!  I am so excited about the future of Wanderlusting Foodie, even if my mama does want me to return home and stay put!


Thank you all for your support,

Daneka D. Hillery, Creative Director

Set to take over the world


WanderlustingFoodi@gmail.com < did not forget the e

Twitter – @WndrlustngFoodi

Instagram – @Wanderlusting.Foodie



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