Café Beignet Review – New Orleans

My trip to New Orleans led to a Café Beignet review.  While in New Orleans, do as the New Orleanians do.  So off to find a good beignet and café au lait I went.  Several places suggested to me but Café du Monde was busy with people lining the sidewalk in 100° weather.  Café Beignet was also suggested to me and with everything being such a short walk from my hotel in the French Quarter that was where I opted to go.

Café Beignet is situated adjacent to New Orleans Musical Legends Park, which has several statues of musicians doing what they did best, playing their instruments.  There wasn’t much to see, but I wasn’t looking for much.  I just wanted my steaming hot beignets and a quiet place to people watch.  Well, as quiet as this musical city knows how to be.

Musical Legend Park

Do you recognize any of these guys?

Musical Legends Park

How about her?

Muscial Legends Park

Next, I headed through the park to Café Beignet to order beignets.  They are made to order, crunchy on the outside, hot on the inside and covered with icing sugar.  In fact, they had so much powdered sugar on them that there was at least a cup of sugar left in the bottom of the bag.  The proper thing to have with the beignets is a café au lait, which I had over ice since it was sweltering that day.


Speaking of sweltering!  I am a born and raised Floridian, so I know heat, but the sticky heat of 100+ degrees every day, all day is a bit much don’t you think Nawlins’?  I mean, can a girl breathe please?  Early in the morning it was 90’s heat and the day ended with temperatures just as bad.  All I am saying is that, if you go during the summer, plan for the heat and hydrate yourself.

Café Beignet Review

I people watched from the rooftop after making sure there was no bird poop anywhere since there were so many of the tiny creatures in the extra small space of the park.  Miraculously, with so many little birds around Café Beignet, it’s very clean.

Rooftop at Café Beignet

They had live music, but that’s no big deal in this city because it’s composed of music, food and fun.  After the band was finished, the members joined me on the rooftop to count their money for the day.  Talk about your starving artists!  Support and tip the bands when you see them guys.  Pay for the experience and music they provide because they played their hearts out for pennies each.

Live Music at Café Beignet

I loved Café Beignet and walked around the city and got lost a little bit, but had fun roaming around and found some beautiful homes and a quieter part of town before heading back to my hotel.

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