sloan’s ice cream

The name is Sloan’s Ice Cream but they do so much more. ┬áLocated in West Palm Beach, FL. ┬áDelicious confections… take a look… Candied apples… Cupcakes, chocolate covered marshmallows (round ones) and chocolate covered rice crispy treats (square ones)…. All types of fudge… More Fudge… Donuts and cookies… Chocolates and mini cupcakes and fudge… Chocolate […]

the main courses… bahamas carnival cruise food

Lasagna bolognese… completely yummy and creamy Braised beef with creamy mash and roasted veggies Stuffed mushrooms with a little puffed pastry Lobster tail with huge grilled shrimp with steamed broccoli BBQ ribs with fries, grilled corn and slaw Crab cake… amazing Seafood with penne pasta (shrimp and calamari) Veal parmigiana with creamy mash and grilled veggies  […]

desserts of the bahamas…

Chocolate Melting Cake with vanilla ice cream…  I was good but had some technical issues with it.  I would blow it because it was hot and icing sugar would fly all over.  The flying sugar startled me and I gasped and inhaled icing sugar (my definition of sweet death).  Once I figured out how to cool […]

food of the bahamas…. the Lido Deck and beyond

On the Lido Deck there were many food choices in the food court but I could NOT resist the Mongolian Wok!  You grab a tray, pile on all of the noodles and veggies you want then pass your plate to a very capable chef.  Here I have rice noodles, onions, snow peas and mushroom  You […]

carnival cruise drinks

I just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas on the Carnival Cruise Sensation.  This was a Bahama Mama… the first drink I got as I walked onto the ship.  It was delicious and went down smooth but I couldn’t finish it because I had a feeling it was sneaking up on me! This […]