chicken salad paninis

I love making these for my sisters because they are such a huge hit.  Most of the time I just grab a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store or some left over baked chicken for this recipe but I made it from scratch today.  Since it was such a big hit with my sisters, I figured my guy would like it too.
Here are some boneless, skinless chick thighs.  This is my absolute fave part of the chicken anyway, so to find it boneless and skinless is great and it costs so much less than the breasts.  I washed them then dried them thoroughly with paper towels.
Just some salt and pepper…  Pan fry until just done.  Do not over cook because you will draw all of the juice out.  If you are not sure if it is cooked all the way, it is better to under-cook it at first because you will chop it up anyway.  Once you chop it into small pieces, if it is not cooked all the way, you can always throw it back in the pan for a couple minutes.
In my mortar and pestle I combined lemon grass, one huge garlic clove, dried parsley and dried tarragon.  Now, if you have easy access to fresh tarragon, GET IT!  If not, then dried is fine.  Add a bit of salt and olive oil for good grinding and make a paste.
Watch out for the big stems that just won’t breakdown no matter how much you pound away…
Here we chop the chicken.  (Yes, it’s the same plate but I washed it thoroughly while the chicken was cooking 🙂 )
In a bowl… I combined a little sour cream and mayo with the chicken chunks…
Added in a spoonful of the herb paste to the mixture…
Here are the paninis in the pan… I just put some cheddar cheese on both sides of some sliced Italian bread… olive oil down in the pan… laid the sandwiches down and weighed it down with a heavy pan to make the bread extra crispy… (Made my guy 2 and made that little half one for myself)
Simple plate but there is FLAVOR between those 2 slices of bread.
Closer look…

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