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Flying while fat isn’t so bad when you really think about it.  Recently, I moved from Florida, USA to Colombia, South America and noted a few wonderful things about flying while fat that I hadn’t noticed before (watch my last day in America here).  I would love to lose some weight and I am sure that doing so would open up the door to many other benefits while flying, but we’ll just have to wait to find out about that.

While flying fat, I took notice of five things that were awesome and I am pretty sure they don’t just happen to everyone.

  1. People see that you’re struggling to do things so they help you with it automatically.

When I get on a plane it’s like God has parted the Red Sea.  People begin moving and shifting in their seats to make room for me coming down the aisle.  Once I reach my seat men normally stand up to grab my carry-on luggage and put it in the overhead compartment for me.  Well, thank you kind sir!  Ok, so this might happen to lots of people, older travelers and women, in general, but it’s number five on the list because I find it pretty helpful.

Want more proof that flying while fat ain’t so bad?  Keep reading my countdown about why I find it grand!


  1. Flight attendants give you extra peanuts because, well, you look like you might enjoy that!

Ok, so it’s their job to give passengers food, right?  Well, do you normally get the extras?  Flight attendants seem to think I like extra food, so if there is a little something extra on the cart, it might magically appear on my tray.  I’m just saying, whether it’s the cute face or the thick waist that makes them think I’d love another yogurt or an extra orange juice, it’s cool with me.  Either way, don’t mind if I do!


  1. The golf cart drivers pick you up and take you from one end of the airport to the next!

They do this for everyone, but they make a special effort to pick me up.  I kind of like that, even if they only do it because they think I may have a coronary right there at gate 9B.  This also works at large convention centers because, at this point, I’ve had enough rides to have played a couple 18-hole rounds of golf.

No reclining
Can’t recline #SorryNotSorry
  1. People can’t recline in your lap because your belly is already there!

Oh, how I’ve always despised my belly until this latest flight to Colombia!  To the gentleman in front of me who tried his darndest to get his seat to recline, I do not apologize that my girth prevented you from doing so.  Fellow Epicureans!!  I mean, he banged so hard so many times trying to recline his seat that I literally had to tap him on the shoulder to tell him the button isn’t broken, that’s just my body you’re bruising!  Sir, give it a rest already.  I have many suggestions for the travel industry and, honey, a reclining seat doesn’t work for me.

Let me rant… I don’t think reclining seats are a good idea on a plane at all because even if the person behind you is thin, average or a child, it is still an invasion of personal space.  To those of you who recline, well, I completely understand that you’re within your rights to do so because you’ve paid your ticket, so why not?

Exit soapbox!

I respect the right to use the recline feature, but I thank my fluffy frame for disallowing people to use it.

No neighbor
Empty seat next to me.
  1. My all-time favorite reason that flying while fat is awesome is because people avoid sitting next to you, if at all possible.

On my flight from Orlando to Miami I had my usual window seat and no one sat next to me, either by the prefabricated seating arrangement or by design.  My neighbor (whose husband helped me with my luggage) was all too happy that we didn’t have to squeeze another person between us.

On my flight from Miami to Colombia I sat next to two extremely friendly gentlemen (who helped with my luggage) and they leaned into one another as I pasted myself against the window in an effort to not spill over into their space.  The Captain made his “doors closing” announcement and the guy next to me bolted up and moved into the seat located directly across the aisle.  “SCORE!”  More room for us.  When people are put into uncomfortable positions, they start looking for solutions.  I know that sounds like a John C. Maxwell reference, but it’s true and you can use it if you want.  You’re welcome!

“It ain’t easy being cheesy…” – Chester Cheetah

I’m not saying that being fat is the best feeling in the world or that it’s something that you should try.  What I am saying is that no matter what, you have to relax and be who you are with confidence.  See the good in your situations and try not to dwell on what you can’t change.  Flying while fat isn’t bad at all, especially when you do it with confidence.  What do I mean by that?  Ask for that seat belt extension like a BOSS!  They can take one look and tell we need it, so don’t be bothered by asking for it.  Could flying be easier for everyone for different reasons?  Of course, but #wheelsup nonetheless, my fluffy friend, and since we love to eat anyway, why not take a big ole bite out of life?

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