food of the bahamas…. the Lido Deck and beyond

On the Lido Deck there were many food choices in the food court but I could NOT resist the Mongolian Wok!  You grab a tray, pile on all of the noodles and veggies you want then pass your plate to a very capable chef.  Here I have rice noodles, onions, snow peas and mushroom  You then tell them your choice of sauce (mine was Thai Barbecue sauce) and which meat you wanted (mine was a combo of chicken, shrimp and beef).   
This is the fresh bread basket that they set on your table at dinner each night.

This was the breakfast of champions.  I know to the untrained eye these things do not appear to go together…. but this was a great breakfast and gave me the nutrition I needed to make it back to my room to for a quick nap before lunch.
Orange-mango juice, chocolate milk, slice of bread with peanut butter and grape jelly, cheesy chicken croquettes, cheese danish, bacon, cheddar cheese and a side of cheese grits.

This is Conch Fritters… let’s go inside…

Fried conch is not a dish I come in contact with often so I decided to try it.  It was a bit chewy but not so much that I couldn’t enjoy it.  Just an observation, not a complaint.  

This had to be THEE best fish sandwich I have ever had.  It was grouper with lettuce, tomato, cheese and tartar sauce on a very soft, fresh bun.

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