laid to rest

Sometimes in life there are more important things to deal with than what we normally go through in everyday life.  In this case, my daddy has been laid to rest.  I know this is a food blog but I felt that I owed an explanation to my readers for being away for so long.  I feel ready to return and wanted to start by making this tribute to my daddy, Nathaniel “Buddy” Hillery.  I don’t want to get emotional but I just wanted to take the time to introduce you to my father.  He was born April 1945 and died October 22, 2012 and buried on October 27, 2012.  
This is daddy in 2008, before the decline in his health really began.  This is exactly how I remember him, laughing at something that he probably said himself!  This must have been on a Sunday afternoon because otherwise, he would not have been wearing a suit.
Same day with my niece, Dakeya.

Here with my mama.

With mama again.

Here we were at a little cookout mama and daddy had at the house.

Hillery Family reunion in 2010.  Still better here but not as well as in 2008.
Daddy didn’t mind being silly with his kids and grandkids to make us laugh.

Daddy in the wig we begged him to try on at the family reunion.

The way I always want to remember my daddy… smiling… handsome… happy… looking good… smelling good… and loving his baby girl! 

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