juicy meatloaf… recipe included

My mom is usually the brains behind the whole kitchen curtain, especially during the holidays.  A few years ago she started asking different family members to bring dishes to the holiday dinners.  Now, normally it is a quick side dish (and mom usually has to provide the recipe for that side dish) or we just […]

holiday gathering 2012….

This past holiday season I planned a little gathering for some very close friends and family.  It was full of finger foods and everything was simple and delicious.  When thinking about the menu I really just wanted something that would allow me to enjoy the party and also I wanted items that would taste good […]

walnut sticks with strawberries

I was looking for a quick and easy dessert for a recent gathering over the holidays and was not sure what to make.  Thinking about something light that could be finger-food  I decided to make some sweet bread sticks and topped it with sweetened strawberries. Start out by washing and cutting your strawberries to your own […]

mushrooms stuffed with herbs and goat cheese

I had a friend coming over for lunch and wanted to make something simple but special and delicious.  What better to serve than something cheesy and stuffed so here are some stuffed mushrooms. Start out with a small casserole dish then drizzle a little oil down and place right on top of the oil 6 […]

slow cooked lamb soup

I wanted to make a soup because tis the season to make, well, soup.  Though I am in Florida and there is no cold weather in site, I still wanted to make something hearty and healthy to enjoy so I just thought it out in my mind based on ingredients I already had and went […]

rice and spinach casserole

We had a potluck at work and I needed something quick and simple to take as my contribution.  It needed to feed about 28 people at the most even though I knew not everyone would have some.  What’s better than a casserole for potlucks?  I just winged it so you can change out some of […]

sloan’s ice cream

The name is Sloan’s Ice Cream but they do so much more.  Located in West Palm Beach, FL.  Delicious confections… take a look… Candied apples… Cupcakes, chocolate covered marshmallows (round ones) and chocolate covered rice crispy treats (square ones)…. All types of fudge… More Fudge… Donuts and cookies… Chocolates and mini cupcakes and fudge… Chocolate […]

carrabba’s italian grill boynton beach, fl

A friend and I met up for lunch at Carrabba’s Italian Grill in Boynton Beach.  Here is a look-see at what we enjoyed. Peach Sangria… Can you believe Carrabba’s Italian Grill took the shrimp scampi off of their menu?!?!? (at least in my area they did)  I was so sad that my waiter went and […]

chicken salad paninis

I love making these for my sisters because they are such a huge hit.  Most of the time I just grab a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store or some left over baked chicken for this recipe but I made it from scratch today.  Since it was such a big hit with my sisters, I […]