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In a perfect world my days would consist of travel to a foreign (or domestic) land, surrounded by beauty and newness. So, I’d plan a day full of wandering, shenanigans and joyful, merriment…. In a perfect world.  Since this world is nowhere near perfect, I do what I can.  I Get up. Get spruced up. Get Starbucks’ed up.  Then giddy up to work.  Here’s my travel review after visiting the Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport.

In my imperfect, not quite fulfilling enough life, I am in administration at a university.  We do business with lots of other companies and every so often those companies invite us to fellowship with them in one way or another.  The Sheraton Suites at Orlando Airport Hotel invited a few administrative assistants to a luncheon for Administrative Assistants’ Day 2016.  They had a beautiful setup and fed us until we all tapped out, screamed uncle and begged for a siesta.  Here’s my travel review after visiting the Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport.

Travel Reveiw Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport

Sheraton Suites Lobby

The Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport hotel is situated right near the airport but not so close that your sleep will be interrupted.  There are lots of places for families to visit right in the area and it’s also a great area and hotel for business travelers.  There are meeting rooms available and a great indoor pool for year round fun.  Now let’s get down to the grub.

We were served a beautifully presented shrimp ceviche with pretty perfect crostini, which was very Instagram worthy.  I was the first to dig in because I came hungry and am not as polite as my counterparts were.  Everyone just looked at one another for reassurance that it was ok to eat, but the way I figured it, food was placed right under my nose so I wasn’t wasting any time wondering how it tasted.  I wished the shrimp was the main dish.  That is, until the main dish came, then I was happy as a lark.  Hey, you see what I go through for a travel review?

Shrimp Ceviche

The next course was this hearty, yet delicate salad with fresh greens, wrapped in sliced cucumber, sweet little tomatoes and goat cheese with a fantastic, creamy dressing.  The salad cleaned up my palate with a little bit of freshness and it felt good to do something healthy for my body, especially considering what was coming next.

Cucumber Salad

Roasted chicken topped with micro greens, pickled veggies and a reduction sauce over creamy polenta.  Yup.  Take it all in, my friend.  And I was there to witness this genius.  My cohorts and I were just there for lunch and had to go back to work after that.  Now do you see why we were so in need of the aforementioned siesta?!?!?!

Travel review of the Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport.  Click below for rates.

Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport


Travel Review Chicken and Polenta

Amazing spiced mango ice cream with real chunks of mango in it!!  I had to taste it because as a blogger, it’s all about my readers (the troubles I go through for you guys).  Delicious, however, I am lactose intolerant and, frankly, not very tolerant of my condition, so I could not finish it.  I tasted it for the accuracy of this travel review and it was good.

Mango icecream

spiced mango ice cream with real chunks of mango

To my complete delight and surprise, the chef had an alternative dessert especially for me.  Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport is a great hotel.  I was an invited guest enjoying a free meal, yet they still accommodated my diet.  Bringing out another dessert really put the icing on the cake (or should I say brownie).  Here is what they brought me.  If you know me, then you know the coffee was mandatory, because…. well, coffee is one of the most amazing gifts that God ever gave human beings.

Chocolate and Caramel Fudge Brownie

“coffee is one of the most amazing gifts that God ever gave human beings”

Travel Review Coffee and Brownie

If you are planning a trip to Orlando and need to plan a layover, a vacation or just looking for a place to have a business meeting, I highly recommend the Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport Hotel.  Tell them that the Soul Epicure sent you.  Ok, since this article is purely my own, unpaid review, they will not actually know who I am, soooo, just book it and enjoy!

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