Snorkeling Negril Jamaica – Facing Fears

We are all afraid of something (even if it is just fear, itself). What are you afraid of? What makes you push through the fear?

I am a #BigGirlInABigWorld but I feel like a tiny dot in the ocean so, though I love beaches, I do not love getting in the water to swim. I just feel so much safer on the shore or in a chlorine filled, concrete-lined pool.

The time I felt most free was when I traveled to Jamaica and went snorkeling. We went out on the water in a little glass bottom boat. The snorkel gear was casually thrown in a dirty bucket of ‘sanitized’ water and rinsed with ocean water before given to me to use. I asked about sharks and was told by the owner of the boat that sharks hate the sound of the motor so they never come to the boat and he said this as he turned off the boat’s engine. Seeing the horror on my face he replied, “no worries mon…” As I sat on the side of the boat coming to terms with my life choices, many things flashed through my head…

‘Do I have any questionable photos that I should delete now before my mama sees them after I have met with my untimely death?’

‘I should have eaten all of that cake last Monday when I restarted my diet.’

‘Oh yeah, I finished the cake on Tuesday.’

‘Who used this snorkel last and did they have gingivitis?’

But I digress….

Just as I turned my back to the ocean to fall into the water as instructed by my guide, I remembered one more thing… I had to get back on this boat! The ladder was made of dental floss and toothpicks! Here I am, a hefty young lady and I had to fall out of a boat and pull my way back into it with this shoddy, makeshift ladder. I decided to make no excuses and jumped out of the boat as I grew closer to changing my mind. Ok, when I say ‘jumped’ it was more of a slow, awkward tumble, but I landed on my back and in the water, which were the main ideas. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made because that day I shattered my fears that the ocean would gobble me up whole and my family would be forced to mourn with no physical body to jump into the casket with because the sharks will have eaten me. If you have been waiting to #loseweight #getbrave or whatever other excuse you are allowing yourself to have before you face one of your fears, then trust me, wait no longer. There is nothing that could have prepared me to face that fear except to actually do it. I know that was a bit Nike-ish of me, but it is #truth.

Hope you enjoy the photos below of my adventure…. Let nothing stop you!


Round about now is when I realized that I was surrounded by fish and jellyfish at first I was just posing for photos and waving to the camera.  I had to make it look good just in case I had to jump out of the water, then I would at least have pics to prove I was there.


I know it looks like I was swimming for my life right here and I just may have been.  My photographer (sister) was on the boat capturing every moment and that person behind me had just alerted me of the fact that there were hundreds of jellyfish in the water.  I was horrified when I saw them and turned and realized how far I had swam away from the boat.


If you’re ever on a boat… in Jamaica… out snorkeling… and a guy says, “hey gyal, c’mere… me wan ta show ya somethin”… DO NOT do it…

Here Ya Go

Or you will make this face and it will be stuck like that until the sea urchin stops moving in your hand!  But really, it was a great experience.  I love nature and animals and this was a real treat.

sea urchin

This was the underbelly of the little guy.  I was afraid Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern would pop up any minute to flambé it.


Here I am holding one of the tiny jellyfish.  I quickly put him back in the water though because it was hard to tell if I was causing it harm or not. #FriendOfTheAnimals


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