Spirit Airlines: You Fail Repeatedly

Why do companies like Spirit Airlines always think they can sweet talk you into a Direct Message chat so they can privately blow you off?  I’ve only had one company to actually assist me after asking if they can “resolve this matter by talking in DM.”  That company is known for great customer service and […]

Brand Adjustment – Name Change Announcement

Hello Family, Friends, Subbies, Business Partners and Fellow Wanderlusting Foodies, I am so excited to announce my brand’s name change from Soul Epicure to Wanderlusting Foodie.  As some of you know, I began my blog in 2008 using the name Southern Epicure which was later changed to Soul Epicure because my content was more than […]

My Sick Love Affair With Food – Soul Epicure

My sick love affair with food is strong. The bond between me and unhealthy food is unbreakable and unequivocal. Don’t get me wrong, I have actually been seen around town hanging out with healthy food before, but make no mistake about it; unhealthy food is bae and we have been and probably always will be in each […]

6 Things Fearless BBWs Wish the Travel Industry Knew

We are not moo moo wearing, skirted bathing suit dawning, fashion-less homebodies sitting around waiting on weight to miraculously fall from our thighs before we enjoy ourselves. We live! We are alive! We travel people!!

Café Beignet Review – New Orleans

My trip to New Orleans led to a Café Beignet review.  While in New Orleans, do as the New Orleanians do.  So off to find a good beignet and café au lait I went.  Several places suggested to me but Café du Monde was busy with people lining the sidewalk in 100° weather.  Café Beignet […]

Egg and Scampi with Shrimp

I love eggs and this quick-cooking superfood is full of protein, healthy and so delicious. No long, wordy posts full of soliloquy-like ramblings this time.

The Solo Traveler: Five Ways to Travel Alone

The Solo Traveler: Five Ways to Travel Alone Many days I’ve spent wanting to travel and not having anyone to go with or not having the funds to go when others can make it. When the stars all align for me to travel, there is no time to waste on trying to find someone to […]

Bohemian Hotel at Celebration Blogger Event

A short drive from the theme parks and hustle and bustle of Orlando; Celebration, Florida is a quaint little city with old world charm.  It is near major highways like Interstate 4 and the Central Florida Greenway, yet somehow you veer off the road into Celebration and are transported to a place lost in time, […]

Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport Hotel Travel Review

In a perfect world my days would consist of waking up in a foreign (or domestic) land, surrounded by beauty and newness and I’d plan a day full of wandering, shenanigans and joyful, merriment…. In a perfect world. Since this world is nowhere near perfect, I do what I can. Get up. Get spruced up. Get Starbucks’ed up. Then giddy up to work.

Hot Chocolate and Desserts

On very special occasions and during the holidays I love to make a few different desserts and drinks.  There are very few things that make me wish for rigid Florida weather so I can wear warm, fuzzy robes and slippers on the inside of the house.  When winter arrives, my favorite thing to make is hot […]