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TR Fire Grill is a great little gem nestled between a couple other restaurants in Winter Park, FL.  If you’re driving too fast, you just may pass the whole little plaza, but look for the fountain and you won’t miss it.  I was invited to a social gathering for people in the media and boy was I glad I accepted this invite.  There were lots of people there but, somehow, it didn’t feel overcrowded, my guest and I were able to easily find a table and taste all of the delicious food.  Devour does not begin to describe what I did to that poor food, but it was worth every publicly shaming finger-lick and every stain on my blouse.

I walked in and at first the area seemed really small until my eyes adjusted to the lighting and I realized that there was so much more to the space.  They have an intimate dining room and great bar area.  When you go, take a look at the oak barrels hanging near the bar because those little beauties are filled with tequila getting riper by the moment.  They have a small space for live music and a really great outdoor space to sit back with some crazy cool people and have a drink or ten.

During the event I was able to sample copious amounts of food from the menu.  Ya’ll know that I am a country girl so when I saw that they had shrimp and grits I almost locked myself in the building and refused to ever leave. Ever.  The sausage was so good and the shrimp were plump and cooked just right.

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Let’s just talk about the prime rib egg rolls for a minute.  The prime rib was the most tender you’ll ever have and the egg roll was so crispy.  The pickled veggies gave this dish a great freshness and helped to cut the richness of the meaty roll too.  The sauce was a horseradish aioli and OMG… you can just put that stuff on a flip flop (in my Guy Fieri voice).

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Now, the Hawaiian Ahi Tuna was delightful and journeyed away from my everyday norm.  The tuna was on a tostada and its crispiness stood up to the toppings, which were edamame, grilled pineapple salsa and an apricot shallot sauce that was pretty sweet (no pun intended) (ok, pun was intended but, still true).

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This is not your typical bacon & eggs!  This deviled egg is telling all of the other deviled eggs out there “get your game up homey!”  It has pork, barbecue potato chip dust and pickled red onions on it.  This dish really boasted a different flavor profile and I love when I taste something that I normally don’t eat.  So, kudos to them for keeping it fresh and diff (yes, I keep up with the youngins and their slang).

tr fire grill (9)


The smoked prime rib found on the dinner menu is literally what put the “fire” in TR Fire Grill.  You want this meat.  Trust me.  This prime rib was exquisite, juicy, succulent and every other adjective that means “just pour this stuff down my throat”.  It was my favorite thing of the whole evening and I must have it when I return.  They rub it with eight different spices and serve it with potatoes and horseradish sauce.  Though I like the sauce, I honestly forgot it was on my plate once I tasted the meat because the only thing that this prime rib needed was a pitchfork so it could be shoveled in by larger quantities.

tr fire grill (11)


The pasta and cheese was creamy and savory.  It’s not made with macaroni but the large shells were a nice replacement for something a little different.

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Here is the pulled pork tacos with Sriracha BBQ sauce and apple cider slaw.  I would rather have had a creamier slaw but the shell was crispy and it was still tasty.  You will especially like it if you prefer an Asian-inspired slaw to the traditional creamy one.

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For dessert we sampled the buttery seared lemon pound cake with blueberry sauce and vanilla ice cream topped with lemon zest.  This was luscious, but I only ate the cake and tasted the blueberries because of my intolerance for lactose.  This dessert was my guest’s favorite of the night.

tr fire grill (12)


Here is the cronut, which is a croissant donut dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  I would have made the chocolate a dipping sauce instead, but it was still crispy and good.  It was not too sweet like I thought it would be.  I am not sure if this is still on the menu or not, but I would suggest you try it, especially if you get dessert to go because it is very nice for carrying around while you take an after dinner stroll.

tr fire grill (8)


This is going to make your wittle heart so sad…  This is pumpkin cheesecake and is only seasonal because of their use of fresh local ingredients.  Darn their convictions and integrity!!!  Let me set this up for you.  I am not a pumpkin fan.  I am not a cheesecake fan.  I go to The Cheesecake Factory and order cake (because I’m a rebel).  I do not eat pumpkin or sweet potato pies at all.  Now that you understand who I am just a little bit better, understand this… This pumpkin cheesecake was one of THEE BEST things I have ever put in my mouth.  It was smooth, creamy, sweet, but not overly sweet and had intense flavor without being overpowering.  I was sooooooo completely full by the time dessert came out that I only tasted the other desserts.  Once I tasted this pumpkin cheesecake, not only did I eat all of it, but I ate my guest’s portion and was tempted to go grab more.  Yes, it is THAT good.  No exaggeration at all people.  So do yourself a favor and do what I am doing… watch their online website like a hawk watching a chicken to be the first in line for when it’s back on the menu.

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The shindig would not be complete without a few libations.  Right?  That’s what I thought.  TR Fire Grill has become one of my favorite places to dine for several different reasons.  Some of those reasons are shown above and another major reason is because of The Swindler.  This drink is such a smooth blend of flavors topped off with the sweet heat of cinnamon.  It includes Jr’s Apple Pie Shine, Fireball whisky and pressed lemon and lime.  You will love me long time if you go there for Local Hour (happy hour) and grab this drink.

tr fire grill (3)

tr fire grill (4)



Here is The Swindler and the Pressed Sangria.  The sangria will probably never taste the same two days in a row because they use local fruit but it was so divine that evening.  They make theirs with merlot and amaretto.  My guest loved this one and even though I absolutely loved it, I kept going back to The Swindler because it’s hard to beat that drink if you like that flavor combo.

tr fire grill (13)


Try this restaurant and you won’t be sorry.  It’s good for business meetings and entertaining clients, fun nights out with your friends and very nice for date night.  Check out their website for more information about events going on there.  Enjoy!

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